Local Support Groups

Chautauqua County Alternatives to Suicide

Chautauqua County Alternatives to Suicide is a group where people who have struggled with suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts can come together to talk about our experience, our struggles, and our triumphs without judgement or fear. We share openly and honestly, keeping our conversation focused on our experiences as they are, not what we should be feeling or doing. Our focus is on community and peer support, all who have struggled are welcome to come.

Loss Survivor Bereavement & Support Group

Have you lost a friend, family member, loved one, or someone close to suicide? Survivors of Suicide Loss Group is a weekly peer support group to help cope with the ever-changing mix of emotions we must grapple with after losing someone to suicide. With a death by suicide, many grieving people have questions and complex emotions. Grief often comes in many ways that are natural and normal responses to losing a loves one by suicide.