After a Loss

The suicide of a loved one can have a profound and devastating impact on communities including family members, friends, and others left behind after a suicide loss. People bereaved by suicide, sometimes called suicide loss survivors or a person who has lost someone to suicide, may also struggle with the social stigma placed on suicide. Stigma impacts the way survivors cope with loss, the way they talk with others about their needs, and it impacts the likelihood of reaching out for resources after the loss.  Survivors can be at risk for elevated rates of complicated grief and suicidality themselves. Surviving the suicide of a loved one can be life-changing that requires levels of resilience, including support and understanding that family members, closest friends, and communities can provide.

Loss Survivor Bereavement & Support Group

Have you lost a friend, family member, loved one, or someone close to suicide? Survivors of Suicide Loss Group is a weekly peer support group to help cope with the ever-changing mix of emotions we must grapple with after losing someone to suicide. With a death by suicide, many grieving people have questions and complex emotions. Grief often comes in many ways that are natural and normal responses to losing a loves one by suicide.

We offer support to anyone coping with a suicide loss by discussing common reactions, emotions, coping strategies, and resiliency building techniques.  Just as each person’s life experience is unique, so is the grieving process that loved ones face.  Additionally, we are available as facilitators, encouraging participants to share their experiences and changing feelings during their healing journey. It is not mandatory to share your story or your thoughts; you may attend and just listen in if you wish.  We have created a safe environment for loss survivors to meet other loss survivors to share stories about healing and listen to each other in a non-judgmental environment.  This group promotes help and healing along this unique journey.

Groups currently are held in Jamestown, New York. The group is led by nationally trained bereavement group facilitators who have lost someone to suicide. Additional information, resources, and events are sometimes shared in the group.

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Who should attend

This group welcomes anyone who has had to cope with the shock, grief, and complex emotions associated with the loss of someone close due to suicide. Duration since loss can be any length of time. Survivors who experienced loss decades ago can benefit just as much as someone who experienced a recent loss. This is about building a community of survivors to support and encourage each other. Attendees are not required to share but should feel comfortable doing so, as this group strives to be open and supportive.

Other Ways to Connect

Talking about such a tremendous loss can be overwhelming for some. If you’re not ready to attend a support group or if you need some extra time outside of group meetings, a pair of trained volunteers are available to offer support via Zoom video calls or phone calls, in more individualized and personalized “visits” in place of our Survivor of Suicide Loss Group.